Providing Professional Coaching Services career coaching

Providing Professional Coaching Services career coaching

Providing Professional Coaching Services career coachingProviding Professional Coaching Services career coachingProviding Professional Coaching Services career coaching

"A Ship in Harbor Is Safe, But that Is Not What Ships Are Built For"

John A. Shedd

Lynne Goldberg Coaching You to Success

About Lynne

Lynne Goldberg, MCC, has been a  Master Certified Coach since 2006,  the highest credential earned by professional coaches through the International Coach Federation (which is to the Coach Community what the AMA is to the Medical Community).

Lynne Goldberg Coaching provides you with cutting edge, cut to the chase approaches towards addressing your challenges, whatever they may be.

Lynne has coached in the corporate and non-profit sector and is the career executive and life coach to many professionals.

One of the many things I love about coaching my clients, I sometimes get to try on the Sugar Plum Fairy's tiara right after she's performed in Lincoln Center!  One of my happy places.  Let's find yours!

Backstage at Lincoln Center in a ballerina's dressing room!

Backstage at Lincoln Center in a ballerina's dressing room!

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Lynne's services

Lynne provides one on one professional coaching both in person, telephone , Facetime , What'sApp and Skype sessions. 

Packages consist of 4, 8 or 12 prepaid coaching sessions, consisting of 75 minutes each.  Email Lynne for workshops and group coaching.

You can schedule a one time introductory session for $200 

You can work out whatever time or delivery method that works for you and get something on the calendar. Lynne has coached many clients over the years that she's never met in person.

Lynne also provides group and team coaching.  In addition, Lynne is a workshop facilitator and motivational speaker.


Maria Kowroski, New York City Ballet

Principal Dancer

"Prior to meeting Lynne I was educating myself with different books and CD’s trying to attract what I wanted in my life and create a more positive outlook on a daily basis.  As much reading and self exploration as I was doing I found myself repeating the same patterns and falling into a negative head space when I was not seeing results. To quote Lynne 'it was time to kick it up a notch.'  When I started working with Lynne I instantly started seeing results.  I felt a connection with her and knew with out a doubt I had found the person to help me continue my journey in a way that was healthier and more proactive.  She is not afraid to point out where your thoughts or words may cause you to attract more of what you do not want and help you seek a better way to put out to the Universe what is that you do want and attract more of that.  She allows you to speak your dreams and not be afraid to go after what is you truly desire.   Every time I leave a session with her I feel invigorated and within a few days I usually see a sign pertaining to our conversation and I know I am on the right path.    Since working with her I have been happier and more positive, I have achieved greater success in my career and my personal life.  I owe so much to Lynne and feel extremely grateful to have found her.   It is a unique experience and I think everyone should have a life coach.   It has been extremely helpful and remarkable the difference it has made in my life.  Your life can be the way you want it to be and if you cannot achieve that on your own Lynne is the person to help you get there."


Edwaard Liang, Artistic Director BalletMet, Columbus, Ohio

Former New York City Ballet Soloist

"Lynne is a very dynamic and special coach. Rarely do you find a passionate human being with such a zest and love for coaching. That is the key to Lynne's ability to motivate, inspire, and create new ways of thinking for her clients. My life hasn't been the same since I met and started working with Lynne. I have most of my professional successes and personal growth due to Lynne's passionate ways of coaching. I am a huge advocate of her work and think that everyone would benefit greatly from it."

Kathryn Morgan, Soloist, Miami City Ballet: Former Soloist, New York City Ballet

"Lynne not only is a fantastic coach, but a wonderful friend. Right from the start, she took an interest in my personal journey and what I was going through. She makes me feel important and cares about me as an individual. I was experiencing some major health and mental issues, and without her, I have no idea where I would be right now. She is so passionate about helping people and pushes you to do things you never knew you could! I feel so blessed to know her and to work with her."

Coming Soon

Lynne will be back soon with the next coaching summer special.

Coaching versus Therapy

What is coaching and how does it differ from therapy?

Essentially the most basic difference is that coaches align with the client to design a strategic plan once the challenges are addressed.  Coaching is often thought as therapeutic by clients but its approach is dealing with the present and unblocking beliefs that no longer serve the client. We keep the direction moving forward and address the past only as information.  Therapy can include working through childhood issues, which coaches don't do. A well trained coach will recommend other professionals , if necessary.

Welcome to Lynne's world

Lynne is passionate about providing people her rapt attention, and strategizing with them to move towards actionable and accountable goals.  She has been a career coach within the corporate world, private sector and performing arts industry.

She likens the coaching process to weight watchers.  Most of us know intuitively what needs to be done to achieve our goals, we  just get in our own way.  Just as a people going to a Weight Watchers meeting are being held accountable for what they say they want, the accountability factor works in a similar fashion.  Common sense might tell us to eat less, exercise more, etc. That said, common just ain't so common!  Being held accountable by someone else (not a parent, significant other or friend ) is how coaching works.  A coach is a trained professional with no attachment to a client's story, so the conversation is without judgement.  It's simply what will serve the client best and then.....onward!  Lynne will support you in being accountable for what YOU say you want.

 A favorite saying is "if you want to get what you've always gotten, it's pretty easy.  Just keep doing what you've always done"

Reach out and let's get you moving in the direction you'd like to be going!